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  • RE

We are a multi-cultural school and believe that if children are to develop an understanding about religion, then certain aspects of a child’s own experience must be developed. Developing self-awareness and awareness of others and the natural world is paramount. We seek to engage children in their own personal quest to discover meaning in their lives and to foster sensitivity towards seeing things from other people’s points of view. However, it must be remembered that any concept of religion must begin with the child as he/she is.









  • Sex and Relationship Education

We aim to prepare children to grow up as responsible and well informed adults. Our programme of personal, social and health education (PSHE) includes sex and relationship education. We take much care to match the teaching to the age and maturity of pupils. We teach older children about human reproduction during science lessons and about the emotional side of growing up through the PHSE curriculum. Our teaching and policy plans are available to parents upon request. Although you have the right to withdraw your child from the curriculum covering relationships we ask you first to speak to the Head teacher about your intentions.

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