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 The curriculum is designed to achieve high standards through a relevant, challenging and imaginative programme which includes as much first-hand experience as possible.  The programme is a creative curriculum  designed by 'Chris Quigley'.


 It is concerned with the development of children intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, aesthetically  and  morally.  It enables them to become as numerate and literate as possible, to reach their full potential and to experience full and useful lives, both now and in the future.


The children will be provided with active, enjoyable and stimulating learning experiences in a secure, happy and caring environment where each individual is valued and respected.


Topic by Year Group

Year 1:

Carnival of the Animals (Autumn)

Changes within living memory (Spring)

Oceans and Seas (Summer)

Year 2:

Great Fire of London (Autumn)

We are Great Britain (Spring)

Weather Experts (Summer)

Year 3:

WW2 (Autumn)

Romans (Spring)

Rainforests (Summer)

Year 4:

Vikings (Autumn)

Anglo- Saxons(Spring)

Mountains, River and Coasts (Summer)

Year 5:

Stone age to Iron Age (Autumn)

Ancient Civilizations- Greece, Egypt, Shang Dynasty, Sumar (Spring)

Earth Matters (Summer)


Year 6:

Dinosaurs and Fossils (Autumn)

WW2 (Spring)

Comparing People and Places- Link to fair trade (Summer)


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