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Guided Reading Activities

Here are some suggestions of activities that can be adapted to your childs own books. These can be done in any order and can be completed in addition to the weekly work set.



Read the story. Draw a map that includes all the places in the story. Label your map.


Nouns and adjectives. Write six nouns from the story. Find two adjectives to describe each noun.

Heavy, yellow boat.



Animal Adventures

Does your book have any animals in it? Are the real or imaginary characters?

Write down the animals and try to find some information about them. Does the book tell you what they eat? Where they sleep? How they keep safe?



Key words and Phrases

Read the book and then choose one section to examine closely. Write down key words and phrases which help you understand the meaning of the text. Explain why they are important.



Word Treasure Hunt

Can you find words in the book that:

Have 7 letters? Is the name of a place? Have X saying the S sound.  Are compound words? Are past tense verbs?



Diagram of a Story

Choose one character or place from the text. Draw it and label it with words from the text. Make sure you draw what the author has described.


I’m in the Book!

Choose one part of the book. Imagine you are there in the story. Write down what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Do you like it there? Why?


Change a Word

Choose a noun from the story and change it for another noun. Write a section of the story with the new noun instead of the old one. Draw a picture to illustrate the new meaning. Ex Pete called his dog banana out of the cave.


Amazing Adjectives

Make a list of different adjectives: colour, size, shape and feeling. Find adjectives in the story and put them in the right list. Write a sentence for each of your three favourite adjectives from the book.


Dear Diary,

Choose a fiction text. Imagine you are a character in the story. Write a diary entry in your books telling about the events in the story. Remember to include how you were feeling and why.


Strong words

List and illustrate five strong words from the book you are reading.


Other Words for ‘Said’ and ‘Went’. Look for other words that the other uses instead of said and went. Write the words you find in your book. Said – grumbled, shouted Went – drove, walked.


How Did You Do That? Adverbs tell us how an action is done. Copy verb and adverb pairs from the text into your book. Laughed happily, dived quickly.


Character Study

Which character in the story do you think would be…

The oldest? The best cook? The fastest? The grumpiest? Write your answers to explain your reasoning.


Character File

Pretend you are a detective. Select one character in the story and write down everything you know about the character. Draw them as accurately as you can.

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