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Week 3 - 20/4/20

Education City

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Week one Measurement - Do most activities in maths book (write out the answers neatly)


1. Monday - Think It’s - How are metres and kilograms similar? 

Write similarities and differences in sentences in your maths book

2. Tuesday- Activity Change of Scene

Activity sheet -Change of scene

3. Wednesday -Hour Hero activity and answers

4. Thursday -Topic Tool - Time 

Activity Time Bandit and activity sheet (in books)

5. Friday- Time flies activity in books (write it out) and Time flies Learn screen



Children should read every day and record their reading! They should use Bug Club if i-pads or computers are available.

Also, children should go daily through all lessons prepared on Education City, watch the videos first and then complete the activities in their books (no need to print). The answers sheets are also available for parents and students. All the writing should be presented neatly, focusing on joined handwriting and correct punctuation.

The sequence of this week's learning is:


Monday-  Meaning of Words

Watch the videos- Alien Escapade and then go the activity sheet and read the text. (no need to copy, but it's great if you do).

Then, copy the sentences in your book, mentioning the meaning of the underlined word. Check your work and mark it using the answer sheet.



Watch the videos and match the prefixes. Then, copy the sentences using the correct prefix for the word. (make sure it makes sense).Check and mark.



WednesdayMeaning of Prefixes-Wilderness Reserve

Go through the video. Copy the words and write the meaning of each word in your book. Create your own sentences with those words and write them in your book.  Make sure you use conjunctions, adjectives and expanded noun phrases.


Thursday- Inference – Infer a Penny

Watch the video and then copy the write sentence in your book. Check and mark.


Friday- Spelling – Play the spelling games. Then, complete the activity sheet in your book, copying the sentences with the correct missing word. Check and mark.




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