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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.




 Mrs Doherty 

 Deputy Headteacher 

 Mr Mohamed 

 Assistant Headteacher 

 Mrs Partridge  



 Inclusion and Attendance 

 Mrs Clark 


 In our Office

 Mrs Lowe, Mrs Burles, Mrs Eccles and Mrs Postins. Mr Davage is our Premises Manager.


 In our Classrooms


 In ARP 1

 Ms Lett (ARP 1 Lead), Mrs Miodek, Miss Franklin, Mrs Elmi, Miss El-ouahabi, Ms Costello and Ms Al-Mafraji


 In ARP 2

 Ms Issa (ARP 2 Lead), Mrs Khan, Mrs Persaud, Ms Toney, Ms Kumar, Miss Marshall, Ms Khalid and Mr  



 In Nursery

 Miss Matthews (EYFS Lead), Mrs Chawla and Ms Nene


 In Reception

 Mrs Good, Miss Abdel-Aziz, Miss Gharoo, Miss Coombs & Mrs Sotodeh 


 In Year 1

 Mr Healy & Miss Elton


 In Year2

 Mrs Partridge (Monday - Thursday) Miss Antoniou (Friday)  & Miss Toma


 In Year 3

 Mr Inzani & Mrs Israr 


 In Year 4

 Miss Khan & Mr Joseph 


 In Year 5

 Miss Clifton-Williamson  & Mr Fagan 


 In Year 6

 Miss Cox, Mrs Blanchett(Monday - Thursday) Mr Mohamed (Friday) & Mrs Lim-Kee 


 Learning Mentor 

 Mr Mason

 Welfare and Support

 Miss Antoniou

 Mainstream SEN Support 

 Mrs Peace, Mrs Malik and Ms Benlamkadden


 Mrs Grewal 



 Specialist Teachers

 PE - Mr  Davies & Mr Sanchez 

 Dance - Miss Beavers

 French - Miss Bishop 

 Creative - Miss Lowe 























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