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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.




 Mrs Doherty 

 Assistant Headteacher 

 Mrs Partridge  




 Mrs Clark - Safeguarding Manager


 In our Office

 Mrs Lowe, Mrs Birch, Mrs Eccles and Mrs Postins. Mr Davage is our Premises Manager.


 In our Classrooms


 In ARP 1

 Ms Lett (ARP Lead), Mrs Miodek, Miss Franklin, Mrs Elmi, Miss El-ouahabi


 In ARP 2

 Miss Gharoo, Mrs Khan, Mrs Malik, Ms Benlamkaddem and Ms Ganny


 In Nursery

 Miss Matthews (EYFS Lead), Mrs Chawla and Ms Nene


 In Reception

 Mrs Good, Miss Abdel-Aziz, Mrs Hattersley, Miss Coombs, &Mrs Sotodeh


 In Year 1

 Mr Healy & Miss Elton


 In Year2

 Mrs Partridge, Mrs Wilde  & Miss Toma


 In Year 3

 Miss Khan & Ms Poku


 In Year 4

 Mr Fagan & Miss Vohra 


 In Year 5

 Miss Clifton-Williamson  & Mr  Israr


 In Year 6

 Miss Cox, Mrs Lim-Kee 


 Learning Mentor 

 Mr Mason

 Teaching & Learning 

 Mr Inzani 


 Support Staff 

 Miss Antoniou and Mrs Mukith 


 Mrs Grewal 



 Specialist Teachers

 PE - Mr  Davies

 Dance - Miss Beavers

 French - Mr Chelaru

 Music - Miss Smith























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