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ARP Entry & Exit Criteria

Ealing Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) Entry and Exit Criteria


Drayton Green Primary






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Needs catered for

Complex Learning Difficulties

Age Range

4-7 & 7-11


Children and young people with Statements of SEN or Education, Health and Care Plans who meet the criteria described below

Admission is coordinated by the SEN Assessment Team at Carmelita House, 21-22 The Mall, London, W5 2PJ.

ENTRY Criteria

Cognition and learning

Significant speech, language and communication difficulties and/or sensory issues and/or high anxiety levels requiring some small group  teaching, specific interventions, modified environments with fewer distractions,  a fully differentiated curriculum and therapy input.

Communication and interaction

Complex learning difficulties requiring small teaching groups, specific interventions, modified environments, a fully differentiated curriculum and therapy input.

Social, emotional and mental health 

Behaviours associated with significant and complex learning difficulties requiring small teaching groups, specific interventions, modified environments, a fully differentiated curriculum and therapy input.

Physical, sensory, medical.

Sensory issues and/or difficulties with co-ordination and/ or motor skills.

School offer

Drayton Green provides an Additionally Resourced Provision for children with ASD/MLD/SLD for children aged from 4-11.  Our experienced and well qualified staff work with an extensive multi-disciplinary team to achieve the best outcome for each young person.

Pupils receive input through speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, educational psychology and any additional outside agencies as required.

Drayton Green Primary School is well resourced to meet the specific needs of each child.  Specialist facilities include a Sensory Room and Occupational Therapy room. Drayton Green has an onsite Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist to work with the ARP pupils.(one day a week) Drayton Green has on site councillors (ESCP) for mental health and emotional well being for children and families.

Our expectation is that our children should benefit from access to mainstream class teaching where appropriate. When children find difficulty in managing mainstream classroom, they benefit from specialist teaching using the ARP strategies and approaches.

EXIT Criteria

 The child:

  • Has achieved their short and long term objectives in their statement or EHC plan.
  • Has made expected progress in all areas the National Curriculum.
  • Rate of progress to be in line with National Progression Guidance Tables.
  • Is motivated to learn, is becoming more independent and can learn alongside peers in a mainstream class.
  • Can work in groups with some oversight from adults.
  • Can express needs confidently.
  • Can manage their self-care needs independently.
  • Can manage their stress levels with minimum adult support.
  • Can develop friendship networks with adult prompts.
  • Has a positive image about themselves as a learner.


A carefully planned transition program has been completed and the young person is appropriately prepared for a successful transfer to the next stage in their learning.


The ARP provision is unsuitable for the child’s special educational needs and therefore they require more specialist provision.

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