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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


 Mrs K Doherty 


 In our Office

 Administrator - Mrs Burles

 Attendance & Welfare - Ms Ritchie-Hill


 In our Classrooms


 Mr Mouri, Ms Lett, Ms Sehmbi, Mrs Khan, Ms Tuli & Ms Persaud 


 In Nursery

 Ms Gharoo, Ms Naoum & Ms Nene


 In Reception

 Ms Clinch, Ms Aladag, Ms Khan & Ms Chawla


 In Year 1

 Mrs Sotodeh & Mr Davies


 In Year 2

 Mr Johnson & Mr Vasileiou


 In Year 3

 Ms Osman & Ms Bakhtiari 


 In Year 4

 Mr Sanchez & Ms Toma 


 In Year 5

 Mr Israr & Mr Fagan 


 In Year 6

 Mr Israr & Ms Vohra


 Learning Mentor 

 Mr Mason

 Mainstream SEN Support 

 Ms Benlamkadden, Ms Costello, Ms Mavodi,  
 Mr Power & Ms Toney


 Ms Bosomworth - Mainstream

 Ms Rachel Arran - ARP 


 Specialist Teachers

 PE - Mr Sanchez 

 Dance - Miss Beavers

 French - Miss Bishop 

 Creative - Miss Lowe